6th Grade

6th Grade

Sept. 19-23



This week we will be starting a new unit on Ecosystems. In this unit, students
will be exploring symbiotic relationships and how energy flows through an
ecosystem. Students will also be creating their ecosystems in a bottle this
week! Students will be making observations of their ecosystems over the next
week and writing about energy flow in their models. There are no quizzes or
tests this week, but students should be reviewing material nightly.



Students will be spending the entire week creating their
personal narratives. We will create a rough draft of the assignment, followed
by peer editing/ revising, and will finish with a final draft. This will be
turned in by Friday for 50 points and will be done completely in class.
Students have a spelling test on Friday. Their words are glued into their
journals, and by writing the words 10x each, they can earn extra credit and the
opportunities for corrections. We will continue working with the prefix
“super/sur” and capitalization/commas as our grammar topics. Have a great week!


Social Studies

This week we are completing Ch. 3 AND Unit 1.  There will be a TEST over Ch. 3 on Thursday.  The map and vocabulary pages will be graded.  The students should be reviewing their journals for vocabulary, map work and the content information.  Also, as we complete journal entries in the journal, these should be reviewed.

The end of the Unit, also means a journal grade.  The journal pages 1-20 will be graded on Thursday.  These pages need to be completed correctly to receive any credit.  I have been reminding the students, on a regular basis, how the journal should be completed.



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