Monts de Oca, Faith

8th Grade Science   Mrs. Monts de Oca  

Week of August 14th:

I CAN:  identify and describe the layers of the earth.. students will review this learning target in preparation for understanding why some volcanoes are more explosive than others.

Monday:  Students will receive their syllabus and brainstorm how humans and the Earth interact.

Tuesday: Students will brainstorm natural hazards and the variables that make some more dangerous than others.

Wednesday: Students will discuss and label where they think volcanoes are most likely to happen.

Thursday: Students will review the layers of the earth and causes of volcanoes.

Friday:  We will take a break from natural hazards to discuss the upcoming solar eclipse.


  Student Expectations:
1. Come to school!  If you miss class, YOU are responsible for getting your work, completing it and turning it in on time.
2. Have your materials ready.  Something to write with, paper, and your organized binder.
3. Be ready to work.  There is a time and place for goofiness, and it isn't always science class :)
4. Communicate with me.  I can't help you if I don't know you need help!
5. Outside work.  For most students, it is NECESSARY to study outside of class.  5-15 mnutes of review at home a day can boost your knowledge and scores dramatically.
*Email is the best way to contact me if you have any questions or concerns!  You can find my email address under the "Contact Details" to the right.


8th Grade Teacher

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