District Administration
Name Position Email
Baker, Matt Superintendent
Brandenburg, Tricia Administrative Assistant
Gregg, Michelle Director of Instruction and Support Services
Hartman, Rob Director of Pupil Personnel
Reis, Jason Director of Technology
Robinson, Brittany Director of Human Resources/Payroll
Ryan, Carrie Secretary to Superintendent
Ryan, Kevin Director of Finance Officer/Treasurer
Rymer, Danielle Administrative Assistant
Sullivan, Caitlyn Director of Student Support Services
Walton-Verona High School
Name Position Email
Batteiger, Matthew WVHS Teacher
Benne, Kim WVHS Teacher
Bennett, Kyle Athletic Director
Blancher, Jill WVHS Teacher
Borkowski, Ryan Special Education Teacher
Brannen, Grant WVHS Teacher
Coleman, Clinton WVHS Teacher
Cooke, Bonnetta WVHS Nurse
Core-Stine, Erin WVHS Teacher
Culbertson, Mackenzie WVHS Teacher
Evans, Ashley WVHS Secretary
Floyd, Jackee WVHS Bookkeeper
Gayheart, Rianna Instructional Assistant II
Hartman, Amanda WVHS Teacher
Hayden, Hannah Special Education Assistant
Hester, Mike Bridge Teacher
Hester, Sarah WVHS Guidance Counselor
Horn, Sarah WVHS Teacher
Hummeldorf, Angela WVHS Teacher
Jackson, Angela District Technology Teacher
Kneisley, Jonathan WVHS Teacher
Koester, Christina WVHS Teacher
Krummen, Rhonda WVHS Teacher
Lindsay, Heidi Special Education Teacher
Mahoney, Nikole WVHS Teacher
Meadows, Natalie Highly-Structured Classroom Special Education
Miller, Cory WVHS Teacher
Mosier, Bebe WVHS Technology Assistant
Mosier, Cole Bridge Assistant
Nash, Adam WVHS Assistant Principal
Nesmith, Joanne WVHS Principal
Oeder, Alex WVHS Teacher
Otten, Christy Instructional Job Coach
Post, Alaina WVHS Teacher
Read, Rachel Guidance Secretary
Ryan, Casey WVHS Teacher
Ryan, Mary Library Assistant
Sampson, Jamiee WVHS Teacher
Sandlin, David WVHS Teacher
Schutzman, Peggy WVHS Teacher
Seidel, Mallory WVHS Teacher
Simpson, Rachel Homebound Teacher
Smithers, Carla WVHS Teacher
Stanley, Sharon Special Education Assistant
Teepen, Lauren WVHS Teacher
Trame, Dan WVHS Teacher
Turner, Shannon WVHS Teacher
Walton-Verona Middle School
Name Position Email
Amstutz, Amber WVMS Teacher
Amstutz, Phil WVMS Teacher
Angel, Laurie WVMS Teacher
Ayers, Nicolas Special Education Teacher
Barth, Jeff WVMS Teacher
Bennett, Lizabeth WVMS Teacher
Buerger, Amy WVMS Teacher
Clancy, Amy WVMS Teacher
Coleman, Jennifer WVMS Teacher
Couch, Joshua Special Education Teacher
Crail, Claire WVMS Teacher
Csolkovits, Jennifer WVMS Teacher
Fitz, Jennifer WVMS Teacher
Gerrein, Kristen WVMS Guidance Counselor
Gosney, Lauren WVMS Teacher
Hedges, Amber WVMS Teacher
Heinrichs, Lisa WVMS Teacher
Herald, Brack WVMS Teacher
Houchens, Buffy WVMS Teacher
Knight, Tonya Instructional Assistant
Langford, Allison Instructional Assistant
Luken, Patrick WVMS Teacher
Mazuk, Tina WVMS Nurse
McNeil, Debbie WVMS Teacher
Milar, Nicholas WVMS Teacher
Montsdeoca, Faith WVMS Teacher
Morehead, Kelsey WVMS Teacher
Morwessel, Eric WVMS Principal
Negrete, Christina WVMS Teacher
Parmley, Jesse WVMS Teacher
Reeves, Natasha WVMS Bookkeeper
Ridener, Troy WVMS Assistant Principal
Rodgers, Karen WVMS Teacher
Ross, Stacey WVMS Teacher
Ryan, Erica Highly-Structured Classroom Special Education
Schlimm, Tori WVMS Teacher
Stephens, Lindsey WVMS Teacher
Turner, Halee WVMS Teacher
Turner, Stephanie WVMS Teacher
Wyatt, Melissa WVMS Teacher
Walton-Verona Elementary School
Name Position Email
Ackels, Tina WVES Teacher
Bach, Kristin WVES Teacher
Ballard, Patty Instructional Assistant
Borkowski, Emily WVES Teacher
Catlett, Lori Instructional Assistant
Combs, Amy WVES Teacher
Cook, Jennifer WVES Teacher
Cooper, Emily Instructional Assistant
Daugherty, Tiffany Kindergarten Assistant
Dingus, Beth WVES Teacher
Drohan, Mindy WVES Technology Assistant
Due, Lindsey WVES Teacher
Durr, Kelsey Highly-Structured Classroom Special Ed
Enda, Teresa Library Assistant
Estes, Tracy Kindergarten Assistant
Floyd, Crystal Highly-Structured Classroom Special Ed
Frilling, Misty WVES Teacher
Fritz, Hollie WVES Teacher
Gaines, Tabatha WVES Teacher
Gibson, Emilie WVES Teacher
Hardin, Kristalynn Speech Language Pathologist
Hincks, Amy WVES Teacher
Howe, Tara Kindergarten Assistant
Iles, Jessica WVES Guidance Counselor
Jones, Heather WVES Teacher
Kerns, Michelle WVES Nurse
Kopser, Cindy Guidance Secretary
Landrum, Summer Kindergarten Assistant
Lengle, Brooke STEM Teacher
Massie, Brooke WVES Teacher
McCay, Kate WVES Bookkeeper
McIntyre, Kevin WVES Teacher
Menkedick, Amanda Special Education Teacher
Moore, Terri Kindergarten Assistant
Palmer, Ruth WVES Teacher
Patterson, Luke WVES Principal
Payne, Heather WVES Teacher
Peterson, Colin WVES Assistant Principal
Pettis, Nancy Instructional Assistant
Pfeffer, Hillary WVES Teacher
Powell, Rachael WVES Teacher
Quatkemeyer, Tracy WVES Teacher
Ridener, Trisha WVES Teacher
Rowekamp, Tara Special Education Teacher
Sandlin, Tonya WVES Teacher
Schickling, Nicole WVES Teacher
Schroeder, Emily WVES Teacher
Schwanenberger, Ashley Instructional Assistant
Scott, Susan WVES Teacher
Sheaffer, Jackie WVES Teacher
Shinkle, Vicki WVES Secretary
Simmons, Roseann WVES Teacher
Sisson, Elizabeth WVES Teacher
Smith, Christina ES Technology Teacher
Snow, Jessica WVES Teacher
Stahl, Kendra Speech Language Pathologist
Stanley, Julie WVES Teacher
Webster, Sarah Kindergarten Assistant
Wiggins, Devon WVES Teacher
Wright, Bethany WVES Teacher
Wyatt, Maria WVES Teacher
Walton-Verona Preschool
Name Position Email
Braunwart, Emily Speech Language Pathologist
Daniels, Laura Preschool Teacher
Finke, Audrey WVEC Bookkeeper\Secretary
Henson, Sinda Preschool Coordinator
Hony, Tiara Preschool Teacher
Praither, Nancy Preschool Aide
Robbins, Laura Preschool Teacher
Simmons, Caitlyn Preschool Aide
Souther, Amy Preschool Aide
District Staff
Name Position Email
Bazsika, Tracy Integration Specialist
Clifton, Elizabeth FRYSC Coordinator (Walton Campus)
Gregory, Joe SRO (Walton Campus)
Harrison, Chad District Psychologist
Lampone, Jaime Speech/Language Therapist
Pollard, Tricia FRYSC Coordinator (Verona Campus)
Schworer, Amy SRO (Verona Campus)
Linville, Aaron Gifted and Talented Teacher
Food Service
Name Position Email
Benton, Vickie Director of School Food Service
Burt, Laura Cafeteria (Walton Campus)
Caithamer, Suzanne Cafeteria (Walton Campus)
Clifton, Barbara Cafeteria (Verona Campus)
Coyle, Lisa Cafeteria Manager (Verona Campus)
Frost, Brandi Cafeteria (Verona Campus)
Glenn, Patti Cafeteria (Walton Campus)
Jones, Rita Cafeteria Manager (Walton Campus)
Koors, Tara Cafeteria (Walton Campus)
Kuchle, Donna Cafeteria (Walton Campus)
Meyer, Connie Cafeteria (Walton Campus)
Ponzer, Debbie Cafeteria (Walton Campus)
Tinch, Brenda Cafeteria (Walton Campus)
Turner, Julia Cafeteria Manager (WVEC)
Webster, Becky Cafeteria (Verona Campus)
York, Theresa Cafeteria (Walton Campus)
Name Position Email
Bilz, Jason Custodian (Verona Campus)
Bilz, Jimmy Custodian (Walton Campus)
Chapman, Jason Custodian (Verona Campus)
Cheesman, Brian Custodian (Walton Campus)
Davis, Zach Custodian (Walton Campus)
Deaton, Tim Maintenance
Key, Jeremy Facilities Manager
Moore, Julie Custodian (Verona Campus)
Patti, George Custodian (Walton Campus)
Stalnaker, Bryan Custodian (Walton Campus)
Name Position Email
Brown, Amber Transportation Secretary
Brown, Wendell Bus Driver
Conley, Wesley Bus Driver
Evans, Teresa Bus Driver
Mullins, Caroline Bus Driver
Ratliff, Robby Bus Driver
Schadler, Chris Transportation Manager
Shoemaker, Jeff Mechanic
Taylor, Betty Bus Monitor
Terrell, Lisa Bus Driver


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